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Are we nearly there yet??

A couple of days ago we crossed the provincial line into Ontario and after a quick mileage review realised we’re over halfway! (for distance at least – this next bit will be slower…). 

Here’s a round up of how we wound up in the middle of Canada:

Worst mosquito bite location: 

Tick tally: Mike 2; Cas 2

Leech tally: Mike 2; Cas 1

Halftime favourite piece of kit: 

Nervous moments we thought we’d broken the boat: many

Repairs to boat: 2 (superficial, luckily)

Stow-aways: 2 (one mouse, one toad)

Hitchhikers: 1 

Useless trivets lost overboard: 1

Useless trivets needed to reset the stove when it broke: 1

Cameras destroyed due to stupidity: 1

Times we almost fell in: 1 (yesterday)

Best piece of advice: burn birch bark for smoke to get rid of mozzies!

Worst piece of advice: 

 Closely followed by: 

What we have learnt: this life suits us!

What we are yet to learn: we have to confess we’re still not 100 percent clear what poison ivy and poison oak are…

Weddings missed: 2 (and 2 more to go…)
Friends and family missed: many 

We love you guys!! Xxx

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