Here’s a rundown of our gear for this trip. Unless you are planning on doing this sort of trip or have (like me) a nerdy interest in gear, you will find this page pretty dull…

We are not sponsored, and knew little about vehicle modifications for overlanding before we started researching for this trip. We will have made some mistakes, but that’s all part of the adventure.

We have, however, done a little bit of camping in the recent past. You will see some similarities with the Canadian kit list.


2013 Toyota Hilux SR5, 3.0L D4D, automatic. Already fitted with a canopy over the flatbed, nudge bar with additional front lights (IPF), snorkel and dual battery system

Rhino Rack Pioneer platform (aluminium) over the cab

Roof bars with internal load-frame for the canopy

Awning left side (ARB)

Under vehicle protection (ARB)

ARB Frontier long range fuel tank (145L)

Old Man Emu suspension (coil springs front, leaf back, Nitrocharger Sport shocks)

Cooper AT3 LT tyres

Custom drawer system in tub (Custom Installations, Perth)

ARB Fridge 60L

42L water tank fitted across bulk head with pump to rear and in-line charcoal filter on filler hose

Air Compressor (ARB) fitted into tub


Garmin inReach

VHF radio (handheld short range)


Tow rope

Snatch strap


Jump Starter

Spares & Repairs & miscellaneous

We thought long and hard about this, read lots of posts about how much stuff people take, and narrowed it down to the list below. To some people it might not seem like much, but we are not mechanics. We can use everything on this list out in the middle of nowhere, for much else we’d need a mechanic, or at least a garage anyway.

Full size spare wheel

Second spare tyre

Tyre repair kit


Socket set & long extension handle

Adjustable spanner


Pliers (regular & long nose)

Fuel filter

Air filter

Oil filter

Drive belt

Mr Funnel fuel filler funnel

Transmission fluid

Engine oil


Bulbs, fuses

Jubilee clips, cable ties, tapes

Grease gun

ECU interrogator (Bluetooth to smart phone app)

Big hammer

Ratchet straps & bungees

Tape measure

Fibreglass repair kit (for tent/canopy)

Epoxy putty

Strong wire

Spare number plates

Tape (duct, electrical)


James Baroud Explorer Evolution roof top tent

Down double duvet (PHD, UK). Separable into thin and thick sections, with custom made waterproof cover that we used for Canada

Silk sleeping bag liners

Merino blanket

Our own pillows from home!

Camping out (hiking/biking)

Wild Country 2 man tent

Exped Synmat double inflatable mattress

Sea to Summit inflatable pillows

Cooking & camping

MSR Dragonfly multifuel stove

MSR XGK multifuel stove

MSR Windburner gas stove

Pans x2

Frying pan

Camp pressure cooker






Chopping board

Aeropress coffee filter

Camp chairs


Collapsible bucket

Electric shower

Folding saw


2 Mountain bikes & kit

Spares kit (tubes, tyres, spokes, gear hangers)

Front bar cradles for bikepacking

Hiking boots

Running shoes and gear

Fly fishing rod



To cover travelling, hiking and mountain biking through spring to summer.

That’s probably not all of it, we seem to be very full! But it’s all I can remember/see right now.