The Kit

Here’s a run down of what we’ve brought with us for the ride. We thought this might serve as a reminder to ourselves and a bit of an insight for anyone else.

NB: we are not sponsored, nor make any declarations of interest, but it is all very thoroughly researched!

Boat: Nova craft Prospector 17′ Tuffstuff expedition with skid plates

Spray deck: North water one piece lightweight

Paddles: ZRE Black Rec bent shaft carbon and Grey Owl Voyageur straight paddles

Trolley: Western canoe and kayak expedition trolley

Big yellow (100L Ortlieb dry bag):

  1. Thermarest chairs x2
  2. Thermarest mats x2
  3. Exped huperlite duo double sleeping mattress
  4. Sea to summit inflatable pillow x2
  5. Silk sleeping bag liner x2
  6. Luminaid solar inflatable light
  7. Clothes bags (pants, bra*, seal skin dry socks, thermal leggings, merino t shirts, bikini*, sweatshirt, down puffy)
  8. Book bag (Exped cloudburst)

Big red:

  1. Cooking bag (frying pan, 2 saucepans, utensil and cutlery bag, MSR stove, fuel bottles, collapsible washing up bowl, t towel, spare stove, washing up liquid and sponge)
  2. Spares and repairs kit (cord, needle and thread)
  3. Medical kit
  4. Wash kit
  5. Camera bag
  6. Electricals bag
  7. Drone (!)

Big food bag (60L lomo):

  1. Blue: flavours (stock, dried onions, dried mushrooms, dried veggies, tom puree, pesto, herbs and spices, mustard, tamari)
  2. Red: vectors (risotto rice, basmati rice, pasta, noodles)
  3. Yellow: baking (bannock mix, pancake mix, corn bread ingredients)
  4. Many many ziplock bags

Day food bag (30L sealline):

  1. Freshies bag (apples, cheese, butter, peanut butter, bread/bannock/crackers)
  2. Jerky
  3. Wine gums
  4. Dried fruit

Tea and coffee bag:

  1. MSR windburner stove and gas
  2. Mugs
  3. Aeropress (lord love em)
  4. Tea and coffee
  5. Bowls and spoons
  6. Granola and dried milk

Tent bag:

  1. Exped Orion 3 man tent
  2. DD tarpauline
  3. Thermacell
  4. Tent & boat repair kit

Day bags:

  1. Bear spray
  2. Bug spray
  3. Bug shirts
  4. Lightweight waterproofs
  5. Gilets/warm layers
  6. Head torches
  7. Phones
  8. Knives

On deck:

  1. Goal zero nomad 20 solar panel plus batteries
  2. iPad in waterproof case
  3. Garmin


  1. Dry trousers
  2. Dry tops
  3. Buoyancy aids
  4. Water bottles
  5. Pee bottle
  6. Platypus water filter

Expensive bear proof kevlar sack:

  1. Whisky

*not all items carried by both paddlers…