Canoeing Across Canada 2017

In 2017 we completed a remarkable five month, 5,500km journey across Canada from the Rocky Mountains to Montreal, in a 17 foot canoe called Bertha. The posts in this section describe that journey. Enjoy!

What on earth were we thinking???
Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and a lot of food...
...and our first night in the tent.
We've begun!  We had a stunning drive through the Rockies, stopped briefly at Lake Louise and Banff and even caught
The North Saskatchewan river rises in the Rocky Mountains at the Saskatchewan Glacier and travels 1287km until it joins the
11 days out, 640km travelled Haven't fallen out... Haven't fallen in! You might have noticed the dot didn't move very
'Saskatchewan: you are uninspiring.' Said by Mike just a few, admittedly slow and frustrating, miles across the line.  Queue 2
We are writing from the banks Saskatchewan river, shortly before it becomes a series of dammed (m, not n -
Before we left RMH, Shaelyn from the Rocky Mountaineer came to interview us. And we made the paper! A lovely
You will have seen that most of our posts finish with a list of thanks owed to people we know