A living legend…

This is Mike Ranta, who we passed on the road today. He’s a bit of a legend, a big inspiration for our trip, and we’re following his route of three years ago. He’s currently on his third Canada crossing, each time from the Pacific to the Atlantic, which makes our effort seem like a summer jaunt. He’s pulling his canoe, with photojournalist David Jackson, through the Rockies in BC at present. He’s celebrating 150 years of the Canadian confederation, and you can check out his progress at http://www.mikeranta.ca. We are pretty stoked to meet him, he gave up his time generously and gave us some great tips about our journey to come.

We are driving through the Rockies on our way to our put-in at RMH and are tonight spending our first night in the tent, albeit at a campground rather than in the wild. Steaks cooked on the fire with a bottle of BC red wine were a good place to start though. Cas also started the fire using a magnifying glass and the sun, in honour of her Gramps who was laid to rest yesterday. A fitting tribute.

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