Overland Home 2019

We carried on west following a route recommended by Andre of the excellent hostel in Karakol. We were heading for
The Pamir Highway is one of the world's most famous roads, stretching for over 1200km between Osh and Dushanbe. It
The road north of Khorog, the busy little capital of the Pamir region, is terrible. It was once glorious asphalt
We arrived into Dushanbe with little more planned than to get Giles cleaned and serviced with new oil and fuel
We'd been told that Uzbekistan was hot, and it didn't disappoint. Arriving in Samarkand, the first city on our whirlwind
We had originally planned to drive around the north end of the Caspian Sea and down through Russia into Georgia,
Exiting the port south of Baku proved almost as convoluted as entering on the Kazakh side, but we managed to