Days since departure = 29 

(25 days of paddling; 2 days lost due to bad weather; 2 proper days off)

Km paddled = 1400 (ish)

(Km paddled upstream into a headwind: 9. 9 quiet, grumpy, haribo fuelled km…all of which totally worth it)

Items lost overboard by Carrie: 3 

Items retrieved by Mike: 2 (I know, I know, how did he miss that last one?)

Bear attacks: 0

Mosquito attacks: a bazillion 

Fish caught by ourselves from the boat without direct help from a local: 1

Favourite food item: chorizo

Favourite piece of kit: carbon bent shaft  paddles 

Piece of kit we don’t have that Mike just found out about and now wants: wood burning stove phone charger

Most memorable thing about Saskatchewan: friendliness of the people

(closely followed by)

Second most memorable thing about Saskatchewan: biblical rain

Weight loss thus far: significant

Freckles gained: countless

Attempted dog abductions: possibly 2

8 thoughts on “Phew

  • wood burning stove phone charger….a must have in any adventurer’s kit bag. And Christmas isn’t that far away….

    Great stats. What was the item that wasn’t retrieved by the wicket-keeper???

    Good to hear your cheery update. Just don’t drop the new paddles.

    Dad x

    • The item was a hitherto (and now henceforth!) unused trivet thing for the stove. Our gift to the river – which apparently is customary practice so thank heavens I’ve been so attentive to it!

      • Oh shucks. I wanted it in my Christmas stocking.
        Back to the drawing board.

  • Well, now, those carbon paddles rose to the top of the favourite kit list quickly!! Gonna chalk those up to making Mike a better fisherman, too. 😉

    Love the pix and updates. I’m still trying to picture the Mickleson’s 4-door Dodge pickup and 20-foot trailer parallel parking in Edinburgh. Saskatchewan certainly has some space! Best wishes for Lake Winnipeg and the Great Lakes. Lake Winnipegosis, though. An abnormal Lake Winnipeg?? (bad medic joke – please tell me I’m allowed)

    Haribo FTW.

    • Ha! They’re so light compared to our wooden ones and are saving our arms! Considering we reckon we do about 9000 paddle strokes a day…
      lake Winnipegosis – like Winnipeg but with a slightly embarrassing breath odour problem…?
      What’s FTW – we’re both wondering?? Xx

      • For The Win!

        Admittedly I was trying to be down with the kids here, but perhaps I should stick to baking cakes and just eating Haribo. 🙂

  • Mike, Cas – superb effort! Well done you both. Was going to send you a pic of 5yr old Annie and me off to school on the superpinkbike tagalong, a bit of urban exploration! But I’ll settle for a Roger McGough poem for you to ponder as you’re flying down some rapids somewhere . . . “Time flies, We’re led to believe. But it’s us that fly. Time sits on its hands, as we rush by.” Have fun.

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