Days since departure = 29 

(25 days of paddling; 2 days lost due to bad weather; 2 proper days off)

Km paddled = 1400 (ish)

(Km paddled upstream into a headwind: 9. 9 quiet, grumpy, haribo fuelled km…all of which totally worth it)

Items lost overboard by Carrie: 3 

Items retrieved by Mike: 2 (I know, I know, how did he miss that last one?)

Bear attacks: 0

Mosquito attacks: a bazillion 

Fish caught by ourselves from the boat without direct help from a local: 1

Favourite food item: chorizo

Favourite piece of kit: carbon bent shaft  paddles 

Piece of kit we don’t have that Mike just found out about and now wants: wood burning stove phone charger

Most memorable thing about Saskatchewan: friendliness of the people

(closely followed by)

Second most memorable thing about Saskatchewan: biblical rain

Weight loss thus far: significant

Freckles gained: countless

Attempted dog abductions: possibly 2

8 thoughts on “Phew

  1. wood burning stove phone charger….a must have in any adventurer’s kit bag. And Christmas isn’t that far away….

    Great stats. What was the item that wasn’t retrieved by the wicket-keeper???

    Good to hear your cheery update. Just don’t drop the new paddles.

    Dad x


    1. The item was a hitherto (and now henceforth!) unused trivet thing for the stove. Our gift to the river – which apparently is customary practice so thank heavens I’ve been so attentive to it!


  2. Well, now, those carbon paddles rose to the top of the favourite kit list quickly!! Gonna chalk those up to making Mike a better fisherman, too. 😉

    Love the pix and updates. I’m still trying to picture the Mickleson’s 4-door Dodge pickup and 20-foot trailer parallel parking in Edinburgh. Saskatchewan certainly has some space! Best wishes for Lake Winnipeg and the Great Lakes. Lake Winnipegosis, though. An abnormal Lake Winnipeg?? (bad medic joke – please tell me I’m allowed)

    Haribo FTW.


    1. Ha! They’re so light compared to our wooden ones and are saving our arms! Considering we reckon we do about 9000 paddle strokes a day…
      lake Winnipegosis – like Winnipeg but with a slightly embarrassing breath odour problem…?
      What’s FTW – we’re both wondering?? Xx


      1. For The Win!

        Admittedly I was trying to be down with the kids here, but perhaps I should stick to baking cakes and just eating Haribo. 🙂


  3. Mike, Cas – superb effort! Well done you both. Was going to send you a pic of 5yr old Annie and me off to school on the superpinkbike tagalong, a bit of urban exploration! But I’ll settle for a Roger McGough poem for you to ponder as you’re flying down some rapids somewhere . . . “Time flies, We’re led to believe. But it’s us that fly. Time sits on its hands, as we rush by.” Have fun.


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