Magic Mike

It’s his birthday, so I thought we’d celebrate with a few magic Mike moments…

Mike the fur trade company director …

Mike the pudding fiend…

Mike the voyageur…

Mike recovering…


Thanks to some folk who shouted Dip, dip and swing  to us just out of Kenora, we have had this song in our heads for over a month. Once you’ve listened a couple of times and it’s stuck, you can learn the Wild version:

  • Michael is mostly white, covered in freckles 
  • His beard is quite a sight, like a Viking
  • His beard is quite a sight, growing all over
  • Paddled a continent: dip, dip and swing
  • Bear hangs in silver birch, tail slaps from beavers
  • We have been paddling three months and more
  • Although his shoulder’s sore, we can return once more
  • Finish our journey, finish our journey, finish our journey…

Fingers crossed for a quick recovery so we can keep going on this amazing adventure. 
Thanks go to: Mike! Happy Birthday!!! 

7 thoughts on “Magic Mike

  • Happy Birthday, Mike! Hope your shoulder recovers soon and you’re back on the journey OK

  • Very happy birthday Mike. What a honeymoon! What an adventure! You’ll both remember this all your lives and hopefully dine out on it for years to come.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!! Fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed dip dip and swing.
    I still think the wonderful Canadians could produce a Cross Fit team to help handle the next portage. Hope you’re having a great birthday and enjoy your rest days. Love to you both. xxx

  • Hello you awesome people!! I have been thoroughly enjoying all your posts! Currently sitting in my room in Lusaka surrounded by immigration documents…joy! Glad to hear your shoulder is improving Mike and that despite your super terrible surroundings you’re managing to have a good birthday 😉 Much love to you both, HP xx

  • So as so many enjoy reading of your adventures and exploits, don’t you think you owe it to us to post another update of the last week edging round the lake and weaving through the islands? Just a thought.
    And having seen his many hat persona, it must be time for a yoga pose demonstration…….just seen the one so far and it inspired me to get on the floor and bend.
    Dad x

  • Belated Happy Birthday, Mike!! Just got back from France – I ate some flan on your behalf. 🙂 Lots of love from us all.

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