The Waiting Game

On March 26th we packed Giles into a container and closed and bolted the door. This was not quite as simple as it sounded, given Giles with the tent on top is slightly higher than a standard container door, but with the tyres pretty much flat and Cas and our able assistant standing on the bumper we squeezed him in. Clicking the customs bolt in place felt pretty final, and on April 6th he left the port at Fremantle bound, initially, for Singapore. He had a brief stopover before heading to Tianjin, where he arrived around April 6th.


With Giles gone, the rest of our stuff on a container back to the UK, and us having found the last few weeks in Perth pretty stressful we needed a holiday. We’re not going to blog about it, but New Zealand fitted the bill and after the stark contrasts of much of West Australia was like aloe vera for the eyeballs. The plan was to fly from NZ to China, but….no epic adventure of ours would be complete without applying for a job in a different country along the way… So after a brief trip back to the U.K. we are on our way to see what Chinese customs have made of our truck….

4 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  • This is soooo exciting! Giles is pretty puny compared to my Canadian gas guzzler (Ford Expedition- essentially an F150 turned into an SUV) but he seems the perfect tool for the job. Very jealous of your modifications! I love the pace of driving for seeing the world at faster than canoe but slower than airplane pace. I’ve done Utah-Alberta and West BC-Alberta so far but the long way home will be amazing! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Wow, your green credentials are even worse than ours! Great to hear from you, we miss Canada and will hopefully get a chance to come see you sometime! Keep in touch.

      • I will do. I think about you guys and your canoe trip often as I run or pedal beside the North Saskatchewan river which runs about 800m from our house.

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