Days since departure = 29  (25 days of paddling; 2 days lost due to bad weather; 2 proper days off)
Wednesday morning at Big Eddy Camp started early. Very early, because no curtains means I'm up with the dawn. Cas
Cedar Lake marks the end of the Saskatchewan river. It is a man-made lake about 90km downstream from The Pas,
Not a post for the faint hearted or those with delicate sensibilities...! Anyone who still has any misconceptions about this
The most frustrating week thus far.  Having arrived on the first of our large lakes in bright sunshine, we sat
After 5 days on the lake and an average daily distance a snail would be embarrassed by, we finally got
We set off from Melford's early on Thursday devoid of breakfast but with a gift of frozen fish, freshly picked
Apparently some folk are trying to guess from reading who wrote each post (before it becomes obvious) so I'll try
Ticks, horse flies, deer flies, bulldogs, leeches, black fly, no-see-ums...all these things are trying gamely to suck us dry of
It's a shame, but we have both rather regarded this section of the journey - down the Red, on to